Easiest Way to Cook Delicious Tsire(beef kebab)

Tsire(beef kebab). Suya is a spicy kebab which is a popular food item in West Africa. It is traditionally prepared by the Hausa people of northern Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, Ghana and some parts of Sudan (where it is called agashe). Kyinkyinga is common and popular in West Africa.

Tsire(beef kebab) Idan an gaji da suyan nama ko tsire ko farfesu sai a yi kebab don a sami canji. Na samo wannan basira ta yin beef kebab ne a wajen Ayzah-cuisine kuma ya. Döner kebap, literally "rotating kebab" in Turkish, is sliced lamb, beef, or chicken, slowly roasted on a vertical rotating spit. You can cook Tsire(beef kebab) using 9 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

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Ingredients of Tsire(beef kebab)

  1. You need of Beef.
  2. Prepare of Groundnut cake pwdr(kuli kuli).
  3. You need of Ground pepper n spices.
  4. It’s of Onion.
  5. Prepare of Cucumber.
  6. It’s of Sweet pepper.
  7. You need of Oil.
  8. You need of Skewers(Sticks).
  9. Prepare of Tomato.

In Nigeria this version of kebab is called tsire suya (sooya), often shortened to simply suya. C hichinga is commonly made from a variety of protein sources, such as liver or beef (more traditional), and chicken (more contemporary), lamb, or goat. Some hazards associated with the entire production process of tsire (a local kebab) were identified in three production centres. I've also used Tsire when making burgers, mixing sausage meat and even dusted some into Greek yoghurt and mixed it as a dip.

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Tsire(beef kebab) step by step

  1. Remove excess fat frm ur beef n shredd it..
  2. Stick it into the skewers by adding diced cucumbers,tomato,onions nd swt ppr in between..
  3. Àdd ur spices,seasoning,pepper groundnut cake pwdr 2geda nd sprinkle on the skewers..
  4. Sprinkle some oil nd bake in an oven or grill..
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Crank up the Fela Kuti, loosen your hips and lips and chow down on these Suya Sticks. Suya or tsire is a spicy meat skewer which is a popular food item in West Africa. It is also eaten in Sudan, referred to as "Agashe". Suya is generally made with skewered beef, ram, or chicken. Innards such as kidney, liver and tripe are also used.

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