Recipe: Delicious Fried rice and beans with beef kebab

Fried rice and beans with beef kebab. The grain and legume combination provides several important nutrients and many calories, and both foods are widely available. Rice and beans are vegetarian and, together, make up a complete protein. The beans are usually seasoned, while the rice may be plain or seasoned.

Fried rice and beans with beef kebab Wash and soak rice for half an hour. Drain well and if possible spread it out on a clean tea towel to dry and let the grains separate. Deep fried garbanzo beans, parsley, onions and garlic served with salad and hummus. You can cook Fried rice and beans with beef kebab using 12 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

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Ingredients of Fried rice and beans with beef kebab

  1. It’s of Beans.
  2. You need of Rice.
  3. It’s of Beef.
  4. It’s of Onion.
  5. It’s of Carrots.
  6. It’s of Sweet corn.
  7. It’s of Salt.
  8. You need of Green peas.
  9. You need cubes of Knorr.
  10. Prepare of Ginger.
  11. You need of Garlic.
  12. It’s of Pepper.

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Fried rice and beans with beef kebab instructions

  1. Parboil beans and boil again adding onion and salt when is soft add dry pepper,knorr cubes,ginger and garlic boil till is done then turn and boil for another few mins..
  2. Boil the beef adding salt,onion,knorr cubes.then fry in vegetable oil garnish with onion and pepper..
  3. Parboil rice and rinse then heat up vegetable oil fry curry,onion,knorr cubes,salt,green peas,carrots and sweet corn add the parboiled rice stir and simmer.
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